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We want to share the joy of our beautiful first-born son Jude with our friends and family. Simply double click on the slideshows in this blog and you can view the photos in full screen.

Bill and Mindy

Thursday, March 18, 2010


5 a.m. 18th March 2010 at Prince of Wales Women's Hospital, Randwick, Mindy gave birth by caesarean to a healthy baby boy, Jude Anthony Song, who weighed in at 9 lbs.

More to follow . . . Both mother and father are resting after the 24+ hour marathon.


  1. Dear Mindy and Bill......how proud you must be feeling tonight. And WOW! what a magnificent effort Mindy delivering a 9lb+ baby boy.

    Congratulations!....Anthony Harding has a brother Andrew, in Sydney and he has 2 sons Will and Jude and a daughter Harriet!!. I think Jude is a wonderful strong name.

    The addition of "Song" is Mindy's family name maybe?? That is a nice touch.

    Today, I sent off a parcel to Japan...a little early for Jake's 1st B'day on April 16th....we'll be in Sth America......

    His name is Jake Yamato Musgrave....Yamato means "Spirit of Japan".....I love that touch. He is a darling. We speak to him on Skype.

    So lots of fun ahead for you Mindy and Bill. I hope the early days from Hospital are not too tiring for you both.

    Once again our Congratulations and very best wishes......................Love Mark and Jenny

  2. Dear Mindy and Bill
    Congratulations to you both on the arrival of you not so little one............9 lbs is big for such a litle mummy. You both must be feeling very tired but no doubt elated.
    Michael has promised some photos soon. We can't wail to see him and his parents.
    Lots of luv from
    Trevor and Anne