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We want to share the joy of our beautiful first-born son Jude with our friends and family. Simply double click on the slideshows in this blog and you can view the photos in full screen.

Bill and Mindy

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No! Great-Uncle Michael has not taught Jude to 'blow raspberries"

No! Great-uncle Michael has not taught Jude to 'blow-raspberries', but you may accuse him of teaching the poor child to poke his tongue out!

The 'offending' great-uncle, Michael

Jude - 19 months - walking . . . running! But not yet talking.

Father and son

The 'Bill Musgrave Family' on a sunny afternoon on Clovelly Beach 


  1. Watch out for the great uncle, Bill and Mindy. he will get around to the raspberries and some naughty words next. These are just the best photos. Glad to see such a lovely family. All the best
    Anne & Trev

  2. Thank you Auntie A and Uncle T. Yes, I watch with abundant caution the influence of Great Uncle M.